What do you need to prepare for?

Well you should take steps for you and your family to be able to cope with anything from a blackout which could last a few hours, to full scale breakdown of society which means that you may have to fend for yourself for weeks or months, or maybe even longer. Survival isn’t just about managing to cope real disasters like an earthquake etc, it can be making sure of your families survival of the smallest catastrophes that we may have in our lives. A power blackout, a few days of bad weather, sudden loss of transport, a strike by essential services employees, these everyday events that happen maybe once in 5 or ten years or so will affect you in various degrees depending how prepared for them you are. It is quite simple if you are prepared then your chances to survive are certain with no effect to you or your finances, and now you are listening because these events will affect your finances if you aren’t prepared.

How? Well even the slightest event such as a power blackout could destroy your freezer contents and you may think that you are insured. Yes you are, but there will most likely be an “excess” on the insurance policy, which could exceed the freezer contents value so whichever way it goes you will suffer a financial loss. For the same amount of the insurance excess you could purchase an emergency generator which would save your freezer contents and provide power for all other electrical items, so making sure that you and your finances have complete ability to survive. Just one simple little example!

Why do I need to prepare?: In the event of a blackout you may have no light and no way of cooking food or even any food so only a fool doesn’t keep the most basics such as a box of candles or a few tins of meals like baked beans, Irish stew corned beef etc. But not so long ago my parents would keep plenty of food and things like candles and a paraffin heater because they were used to winter storm electricity blackouts and snow and ice making travel to the shops impossible for a few days. It wasn’t called survival or preparedness then, or in fact i don’t think there was even such topics, but the fact was that then preparing for emergencies was an accepted part of everyday life. This was not so long ago either, it was still common place in the 1970’s. The unexpected last 2 harsh winters have proven that storing of supplies is essential and reports say that harsh winters could be here to stay for a few years, so now preparing to survive should be high on your list. This isn’t unusual as people who live in remote places in Ireland and other countries live this way.

So basically you need food, fuel, equipment, medicine/first aid, tools and a means of protection.Self Sufficient Living & Survival:

There is more to  prepping or self sufficiency  than growing a bit of veg, because you have to design the whole system of how you live around this idealism and that means making your life as efficient as possible and with as little reliance on the outside world as possible. This does not mean you become some hippy type hermit or gun mad Rambo type nutcase, but that you do not rely on daily visits to the shops for food, fuel and services.

Living this way can be done in various degrees depending on your circumstances but it will ensure that you survive. Remember it is almost impossible to be completely self sufficient but if one of you is working you can become almost totally independent, save a fortune on shop bought produce and be well prepared, being well equipped for any unforeseen disaster.

You think all this too obvious? Well some people (quite a lot actually) are so pathetic their life revolves around a visit to the supermarket every day or even before each and every meal. This means they have virtually no supplies at all in their homes. In the event of the slightest emergency like an electricity power cut these are the people who would flounder within hours and couldn’t last more than a few days without serious assistance. In the event of a major disaster then these people are history and it is probable that there could be a chance of every one of us experiencing a major disaster in our lives. So you still think all this is too obvious? If you do ask yourself how much and what have i got stored for such an event even a short power cut.